CAD Engineer Interview Questions

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“I dont remember the exact question for it was on basic computational geometry.”

“Describe a situation you've been in where you had to work as a team to achieve some goal and tell what you got out of the experiance.”

“be prepared to show past work and experience”

“How do you find the time for which half of a string would burn, if lit from one end, if-
a) string burns non-linearly (not with constant rate)
b) you have one more sting to experiment by burning”

“Have you written SKILL code?”

“Who old are you?”

“How would you do xyz in Perl, SKILL and TCL and why would you use one vs. the other?”

“All questions where pretty common. I wasn't overly nervous as I already was employed but just looking for something better.”

“there weren't any difficult or unexpected questions, I knew going in the types of questions they were going to ask and was prepared.”

“What is an NMOS? What is a PMOS?”

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