Calibration Interview Questions

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“What is your weakest area of calibration”

“it has been a long time ago don,t really remember any such question.”

“will you die for the guy next to you if he is the same one that will lie about your job performance just so he doesn't get his job cut.”

“There were no unexpected questions. The hiring manager asked for more technical details regarding the projects I listed on my application.”

“Dealing with defiant personalities”

“The most difficult question was explaining how I do uncertainty budgets for equipment calibrated.”

“EXAMPLE: "Name a time when someone pushed you to the limit, and how did you handle it" They just ask other behavioral stuff to see how well you play with others. But as always, its very godo to tie…”

“I was asked how i generally approach troubleshooting a problem. Seemed too broad to answer appropriately.”

“Why should we hire you? This one throws everybody off a little because no-one wants to sound boastful. Be ready for it, as it is somewhat of an inside joke when they do it each time.”

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