Call Center Customer Service Interview Questions

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“Explain to me a time that you used a skill that you previously learned in school or elsewhere.”

“How would you manage a conflict with a customer, co-worker, or manager?”

“The role play of Customer Service Representative vs. Angry Unsatisfied Customer”

“Have you had to write responses to customers. Would you please do a writing sample?”

“Pick an item... cell phone or tablet and sell it to me”

“"...been convicted of a felony.." "...have you been arrested..." "...Would you care to elaborate?"”

“Why do you want to work for Verizon?”

“Read a one-sentence script.”

“What cartoon character would you be if you were one.”

“Do I think watching pornography on work computer is OK sometimes? (or something to this nature)

Is it OK to sometimes pass around racial or sexual jokes or emails at work?

Do I flirt or put…”

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