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“They require various assesments to go through to get to an interview”

“Have you ever been in a situation where another employee did something wrong, and how did you handle it?”

“If a customer was traveling to another state for vacation how can you turn that into offering him a service or product we possibly provide?”

“I was asked if their location (Sandy, UT) was an issue. I was asked some scenario questions as the standard phone interview would entail.”

“Basic questions of why I'm looking for employment, what I wanted from the role posted and what skills sets I had to bring.”

“What did you not like from your previous employer?”

“Name a difficult encounter you had with a customer.”

“Have you heard of us?”

“If your life was a sit-com, what would the name be?”

“The questions were pretty straight forward. One of the questions was what is a goal that you have set for yourself that may have been difficult, but that you accomplished. How did you accomplish it?”

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