Call Center Manager Interview Questions

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“We are concerned that it would be a long commute, how would you handle it?”

“During the panel interview, the main question asked of each of us was pretty straightforward--If hired as Home Save Team Lead for NACA, what would you bring to the table? How would your presence on…”

“Unexpected: I was asked if I was not asked any question I had hoped they would ask?
Difficult - Technical question regarding my experience with systems asked by someone who did not have the…”

“If you were me, what trait or quality would you be looking in filling this position?”

“Do you think that the company you are working for now has better or worst customer services than us?”

“What was your toughest or most difficult job experience?”

“I was asked if their location (Sandy, UT) was an issue. I was asked some scenario questions as the standard phone interview would entail.”

“Basic questions of why I'm looking for employment, what I wanted from the role posted and what skills sets I had to bring.”

“Tell me about a time you had a subordinate supervisor whose team was not meeting performance standards. What steps did you take to resolve the performance issue?”

“Being this position is new, how will you work with the current phone operators and make them customer service agents?”

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