Caller Interview Questions

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“What do you feel is the best attribute needed for this position?”

“What is my favorite football team?”

“Why do you want to work for us? This was only unexpected because I hadn't applied for the job, I'd been sent there from a staffing agency.”

“How would you approach an alumni for a donation?”

“How many times do we expect you to ask for a donation during a typical call?”

“Please recite the script I sent you.”

“How would you deal with a prospect that has given money to the university before, but suddenly does not feel as though they should continue their support?”

“Describe one instance where you solved a difficult problem at your workplace.”

“I wasn't asked a single educated question. It was all pre-printed rhetoric that they ask everyone.”

“Pretend you just asked me to donate $250 and I said no. How would you respond?”

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