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Capital Markets at UBS

Oct 11, 2009

“You have 2 3 gallon bucket, one 5 gallon bucket. How do you get 4 gallons of water?”

“If the interest rates go down, what happens to the value of a bond?”

Capital Markets at UBS

Oct 11, 2009

“Why do some people believe the rating agencies are one of the main contributers to the credit crises”

“How does net income affect the three financial statements?”

“You have two jugs; a 3 gallon and 5 gallon jug. How can you fill them up or empty them out to reach four gallons?”

“how's the market in 13 and what you think 14 will go forward”

“Tell me a time when you had to...
1) demonstrated leadership
2) Disagreed with group members and how you dealt with it
3) dealt with a team member who was doing their job
4) Worked under a time…”

“What interests you about capital markets?”

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“Just wanted details of want i have done so far”

“First Interview question was "what do you want to talk about?" Be ready for something unexpected like that. Also asked what sectors i think are currently undervalued, so know what is going on.”

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