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Care Manager at Humana

Nov 17, 2014

“Tell me about a very difficult position you had presented to you in a previous job.”

“What was unexpected was how desperate the VP's of Operations were to get a customer care manager who would help them grow their sales.”

“What was unexpected was how little the Director of Customer Care knew about call centers and customer service.”

“The questions were not difficult if you have project management background - but when they asked what I was looking to make, we had an immediate miss-match.”

“Do I have kids? Not sure why I was asked that.”

“Why do you want to work for this company?”

“Give an example of how you handled a difficult situation at your previous job and explain the steps you took to resolve the situation.”

“The expected or not expected necessity to deal with important matters and leaving extraneous matters behind.”

“How would you position X Hospital in the Health Insurance Exchange market?”

“I see by your résumé that you have no experience, tell me why we should consider you for the position?”

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