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“There were quite a few hypothetical situations, the worst was one about a guest who actively tried to pay 2 dollars less for an item and how much money it would lose the store if you gave her...”

“"Tell us about a time when you provided great customer service in your last job."”

“Name a time where you had a difficult task to complete, what steps did you take to complete the task.”

“Why do you want to work at Universal Studios?”

“Why do you want to work at Target?”

“If your supposed to go on break, but the person in the next department has decided to go first and tell anyone. Do you go on break anyways and leave multiple departments unattended, skip break and...”

“Explain to me a time you felt frustrated at work and how you handled it.”

“Explain to me a time you put in extra effort at work.”

“have you ever work at walmart before.”

“What is the main reason you want to work here over other companies?”

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