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Jul 23, 2014

Interview Question for Retail Store Manager at Starbucks:

“All of the interview questions they make difficult. They want to hear how you got out of a tough situation. You may not have had one so you have to make up a situation just to answer the question. My…”

Jul 23, 2014

Interview Question for Barista - Starbucks at Starbucks:

“Really it is dummy proof”

Jul 22, 2014

Interview Question for Python Developer at Airware:

“The hardest technical question I fielded was on threading, for which there are some interesting subtleties across various platforms. However, for me, I felt the most challenging question related to…”

Jul 22, 2014

Interview Question for Loader IV at McLane Foodservice:

“Why would u not put cigarette cases on the bottom?”

Jul 22, 2014

Interview Question for Customer Service Representative II at Convergys:

“Given you're business ventures and schedule, how will you find time to work at our company so it doesn't interfere with our routine?”

Jul 22, 2014

Interview Question for Associate Director Dining Services at Utah Valley University:

“Tell us of a time you didn't get along with your supervisor, what happened and how was it resolved”

Jul 21, 2014

Interview Question for Broker at Ironbeam:

“If this job only paid 30k a year....would u take it?”

Jul 20, 2014

Interview Question for Demand Planner at FoodState:

“Each interviewer was required by HR to ask me 1-2 exactly worded questions given to them in advance. Some about the culture of the company and others about management and past experiences. Only one…”

Jul 19, 2014

Interview Question for Systems Engineering Associate at Lockheed Martin:

“All was behavioral question: Tell me about a time when you…”

Jul 18, 2014

Interview Question for Phlebotomist at Quest Diagnostics:

“What is the most number of patients you have drawn in a day?”