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“Case study:
You are a senior project manager with the option to choose one of two clients for your next project:
Client A, whose brand A has a very broad customer base consisting of customers who…”

“Her last question was a "case study question" which evolved as she was speaking with me. It started off as "Say the biggest firm and the second biggest firm merge. What would be your concerns with…”

“Men's fashion retailer case study”

Consultant at IBM

Jan 16, 2011

“How will deal with an alcoholic subordinate.”

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“You get an hour to prepare for a case study - and delivering your ideas on a white board. After the hour is up - you present your case to a manager. The case study was not "difficult" but rather…”

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“Case study on elevators in a building”

Analyst at Digitas

Mar 19, 2009

“How many barber shops are there in America?”

“You've recently joined a business group that is struggling to deliver an online service. The product team says everything looks good and doesn't know why the service is failing. You have two weeks to…”

“This was a management internship, so they asked related questions. They gave me three different employee profiles and asked me questions related. The most difficult one was "How would you encourage a…”

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