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“If there is a mess in the lobby and it is not your job to clean it up, knowing it could cause a safety hazard, what do you do?”

Cashier at Hobby Lobby

Feb 18, 2014

“The were no difficult questions”

Cashier at Sheetz

Jan 17, 2013

“If you had to choose between 3 places to work and they all offered exact pay, hours, and benefits, how would you decide which one to work for?”

Cashier at Sam's Club

Nov 16, 2013

“What is your weakness?”

“The most difficult question for me ever in an interview question is when they ask me what I would do in various scenarios because I don't know if the company is lokking for a particular answer or how…”

“What would you say to customers as they are leaving the store?”

Cashier at Kmart

Oct 8, 2012

“How did you handle a difficult project at school or work”

“Why do you want to work at Target?”

“can you work 4 am shifts”

“So since you've owned so many birds, do you have experience with care like wing and toenail clipping?”

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