Casual Interview Questions

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“What would you do if a coworker asked you a question that you didn't know the answer to?”

“Do you what is safe and what is not safe? Can you show up to work on time?”

“can you work with drivers who have dirty mouths”

“when can you start”

“"If you see a piece of mail addressed to yourself, what would you do?"”

“Describe how you corrected a mistake in your last job.”

“do you take directions better spoken to you or written down”

“Are you able to work overnight shifts?”

“Timed testing was stressful, but they want to make sure you know the basics, and I imagine it "weeds out" those who can't be on time, are not that sharp with math/assembly/comprehension, but not…”

“What is your name? (I'm not exaggerating, this was the only actual question asked during the interview.)”

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