Catering Sales Manager Interview Questions

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“Tell me how hiring you over the next candidate will make this company money or save this comany money.”

“How many hours do you work per day? No, I don't mean are you flexible in your availability, we assumed that! Exactly how many hours do you work every day? Please break this down and describe by each...”

“Create an entire marketing plan for this property of 3 to 4 pages AND a mock banquet event order. This was just to qualify for an interview.”

“I was asked to leave my currect employer without notice.”

“What would you do if a client was upset with you on the phone?”

“They asked questions like what would you do in a certain situation or give them an example of a situation”

“Describe your most recent role. What was one of the most challenging times you had in your current role where a client was very unhappy and how did you resolve the issue. How would your boss and...”

“Interview was very typical and cookie cutter like.”

“What is your sales process and can you relate that statistically to an example from your past.”

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