CEO Interview Questions

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“All my qustions were answered at that time”

“The questions weren't difficult or unexpected. The biggest issue facing the two C-levels was travel. They wanted to know how I would best handle international and domestic travel situations (like…”

“What is your past experience?”

“The unexpected request was to take a critical thinking test by a candidate who had spent the last 20 years critically thinking at the CEO level and managing companies very successfully. The Watson…”

“How will you make Butterfield Fulcrum Profitable?”

“Why would you want to stop selling real estate, and step down to a lower income level as the CEO of the whole company?”

“The interview itself was not difficult, it was just very uneasy because the questions they asked had nothing to with the job. He asked to many personal questions unrelated to the position. I was not…”

“Are you interested in this kind of job with these kinds of extreme demands/expectations?”

“An unexpected comment -- you have taken a company to $120M in revenue. When we get to $100M in revenue how would you feel about stepping down or aside to let someone else take the company to the next…”

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