Certified Financial Planner Interview Questions

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“How would you handle this situation: you know you're manager is doing something wrong, and every time you try to talk about it with him he never has time.”

“How would you handle this situation: I was given a case study with a simple problem and a complex, Catch-22 problem.”

“I had to do a role play with a person that was struggling with debt. Not having had a lot of experience with these types of scenarios in the past, it was challenging for me.”

“what is the 1 thing that stands out on your resume that I should forward along to the firms sale manager?”

“If you could have any job in the world, actor, athlete, what would you be and why?”

“Before the interview sessions I was given a list of policy positions taken by Ric Edelman to check for compatibility, with the options of checking "Agree", "Disagree" or "Let's Talk About It".”

“What is your customer services skills?”

“Tell me sbout yourself”

“What was your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?”

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