Chef Interview Questions

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“What are your weaknesses?”

Chef at Ruby Tuesday

Aug 25, 2013

“The most difficult question, was why I moved to the area that I lived in?”

Executive Chef at FGM

Mar 11, 2014

“How would you deal with multi-cultural and multi-lingual employees of my staff of over 60+?”

“Asked how much I paid for my watch.”

“What are you passionate about?”

“What foods would you pair together and why...”

Chef at Ruby Tuesday

Mar 18, 2014

“Do you see yourself in the culinary field in a few years”

“Will you work for my personal catering co. in the summer months?”

“none of the questions were difficult nothing that I could not answer”

“They asked me my best selling specialty rolls and what styles made up the more complex side of sushi.”

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