Chemical Manufacturing interview questions

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“What has been your hardest issue with finishing and what did you do to correct it?”

“What would you do, if you could not make it to a customer site, on time?”

IT at Celanese

Mar 18, 2009

“Why should we hire you?”

“Really was not a question as much as an almost requirement to kiss up to his ego. Very much a small man thing. He needed very much to show that he was the smartest guy in the roon.”

“Great. Can you start tomorrow?”

“What's your availability.”

Lab Manager at Praxair

Jun 23, 2011

“Are you willing to relocate if needed.”

“Why do you want to leave you old job?”

“Why do you want to work in industry? Can you tell me about a time you initiated a collaboration?”

“general questions. not much unexpected questions”

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