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“How would you know if a port is open or not.”

“why did Citrix systems consume COL? was this strictly a technology mitigation or a business decision? why?”

“How do I know your not just telling me what I want to hear an idiot would tell me he is coachable.”

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“What will you do if you are in this position currently?”

“Name a time when you got a "no" from a prospect and ended up with a "yes". How did you do it?”

“They asked techinacal product questions, which I thought were overly tech for the roles.”

“What is the most recent article or white paper that you've read?”

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“What switches from one utility to another when a failure is detected?”

“how does the "volatile" works ??”

“Prepare your environment to compile. It is better to prepare a file with all including or using and basic structure. I write the code on notebook, it takes me more time to compile the code rather...”

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