City Carrier Assistant Interview Questions

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“Are you afraid of dogs?
Are you prepared to work in all elements of the weather? (rain, sleet, snow, extreme heat, extreme cold)”

“Give an example of a time you experienced a difficult challenge working and how/what you did to overcome the obstacle?”

“What Drives you?”

“This is a very physical role. Can you handle being on your feet and walking all day 8-12 hours?”

“How is your attendance”

“There weren't any questions that were difficult. The first interviewer(which was for another city) made herself seem difficult. You ask me a question about safety on the road. I tell you to follow…”

“Have you ever worked outdoors in the different type of weather?”

“How would you handle an irate customer?”

“Got any questions?”

“I was asked to draw a map from my home to the interview site.”

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