Claims Service Representative Interview Questions

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“None of the questions in face to face were difficult. They were all situational. Don't know what they were looking for.”

“No out-of-the-blue surprising questions, but the interviewer was difficult to understand at times (due to an accent).”

“Asked pretty generic insurance questions like describe depreciation, actual cash value, etc.”

“Tell us about a time you failed to meet your personal expectations, be specific, what woul you do differently?”

“How would you calm someone on a phone call right after they experience the death of a loved one.”

“The ones they ask that had nothing to do with me”

“Describe a time when you had to negotiate and what you did during this negotiation.”

“Not really difficult questions, the part that is more difficult is the role playing and you do not know what to expect. All scenarios are different. You have to be able to handle a lot of paperwork…”

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