Class Interview Questions

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“Would you be interested in working here?”

“I had been asked if I was okay with taking a step back. This process would entail me starting my book of business over and not making the amount of money I had been making.”

“What was your favorite and least favorite class in college and why?”

“css pseudo classes”

“What has been your hardest class so far?”

“Can you drive? yes... hired!”

“How would you approach creating a Chess game?”

“Design a generic UML diagram for an organization that can be implemented for all the companies (from small to large)? Include reporting structure, adding, search, and removing employee.”

“Just be flexable. Make sure you interview them as well. Ask questions about turnover, longevity expectations, training and make sure you ask each person that interviews you these same questions...”

“Most people talk about enabling the Extended Log feature in the Run-time Settings Vuser GUI, For example: Parameter Substitution and/or Data Returned by the Server and/or Advanced Trace check boxes...”

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