Client Advocate Interview Questions

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“The questions were all rather easy and typical. The most difficult was the type of question that asks you about a tough experience that you had to go through for a client and how you solved it.”

“12 pages of various personality questions - who could choose which one was the most difficult or unexpected.”

“I asked them what the turnover rate was like and if they ever laid anyone off. They seemed to be caught off guard by this question, and were not forthcoming with their answers.”

“Why do you want to leave your current job”

“What have you learned and what have you taught recently?”

“How would you handle a fellow team member being inappropriate towards a client?”

“Strengths and weaknesses, very typical questions.”

“In a previous job, have you ever had to tell a client no, and if so how did you?”

“Having not worked in Payroll what makes you qualified?”

“You are the type that likes to let others take lead. (strongly agree to disagree)”

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