Client Development Consultant Interview Questions

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“(not exact wording) Would you rather work with an excellent team who only generated 1 million USD or with a partner (who you hated) but could generate 2 million USD.

(this was the only question I…”

“Explain what you think the most difficult part of the job will be”

“How would other people describe your work style?”

“Are you persuasive?
Talk about when you changed the culture of an organization.
Do you keep your promises?
How would you consult and client?”

“Did you help anyone last week? who did you help”

“They are very adamant about consultative selling and want rainmakers to find new clients to sell their services. Tell me a time when you used consultative selling to close a deal.....Tell me a time…”

“on a scale of 1 to 10, rate yourself on confidence/teamwork/diligience/work ethic/...follow up with example.”

“The money question is the one that stands out most, forgot about the others.”

“Who is more important, someone who is independent and makes $2M in business per year, or someone who is a team player who makes $1M in business per year?”

“"Are you usually a better performer than your peers?"”

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