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“Walking through entire engagement life cycle with every single minor detaisl of engagement.
Most of the folks Technical Guys and they focus on technical and architectural questions which difficult…”

Client Partner at POP

Jan 22, 2014

“Describe your biggest professional weakness and how you have worked to address it.”

“You have 30 seconds; list as many uses for a baseball bat as you can think of...”

“You will need to understand how Gartner solutions can be applied and you may be asked during interviews.”

“Where do you see yourself in this company in 5 years?”

“You say you have sold System Center - can you tell me what it is and what it does. Oh really = after an extensive career at Microsoft, that's the question you want to ask me.”

“You have 15 minutes to talk to a CIO with 5 major initiatives you need to solve for them. What do you do?”

“Competitive nature and example of constructive feedbacka nd how it was received.”

“Tell me as many adjectives that describe you in 30 seconds. Go.
Tell me a story about a time that you overcame a customers objective and turned it into a positive expirience”

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