Client Service Associate Interview Questions

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“Tell me about a difficult experience that you face at your past job and how you overcame the situation?”

“No interview questions so much as a conversation about responsibilities on the team at our previous employer.”

“How many golf-balls could fit in a school bus.”

“Unfortunately I don't remember the questions because its been a while since I've interviewed.”

“Pretty typical 'about me' questions in regards to strengths and weaknesses. Interviewers also asked questions about my resume and previous experience.”

“They asked for specific numbers of performance from my previous job. When I did not have those numbers they said I clearly don't care about my work.”

“Most of the interview questions were incredibly straightforward. They are trying to get a sense of how well you can work under pressure and how well you can communicate effectively with people you…”

“Do you have any questions? Pretty tough cause they didn't ask me any.”

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