Clinical Interview Questions

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“Tell me about a time that you had a problem site. What was the problem? How did you identify it? How did you solve it?”

“How did you handle a user issue with a medical device product in an acute care setting?”

“Most questions related to background and behavioral questions. Looking for problem solving skills as well as skills necessary to be successful in position. All questions were pertinent.”

“Asked to complete a test plan.”

“Where are you from? Do you have children? Which is actually an unlawful question to ask. No good questions. The owner was in a hurry to hire someone.”

“None, they were quite unprepared, and stumbled often, this from the VP of HR and director of staffing.”

“How do you determine productivity of your staff?”

“They asked me why I wanted to live in Lexington?”

“How can you support and inspirer the Sales Team.”

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