Clinical Specialist Interview Questions

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“How will you handle constant rejection because our disease state is so rare, they (doctors) may brush you off and say, "We're never going to see it."”

“What will you do to ensure access to "No see physicians"?”

“Can you calculate the .....? [ a mathematical word problem-type question ] .”

“If offered the position, what would you bring to the team that we currently don't have? While this seems like a softball, with out knowing the backgrounds of other clinical specialist, you just sound…”

“Coming from a non-commisioned positions, how do you feel having your position stability based on obtaining your sales number?”

“How can you support and inspirer the Sales Team.”

“Asked to complete a test plan.”

“How would you help a staff member transition to the role of the leader, particularly if there was friction or conflict?”

“How do you keep your planner organized?”

“Can you describe a situation where you and another person/team worked to solve a problem, and how did you contribute in the resolution?”

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