Clinician Interview Questions

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“I was asked what my 5 year plan was, which is illegal.”

“If you saw a vase of dead flowers in the lobby, what would you do?”

“The roleplaying can be a little unexpected and as a result is generally choppy. There are very few wrong answers you just need to HAVE one. Many are intimidated by reading aloud alt”

“You are speaking with a HF patient on the phone and she reports her ankles are swollen. What would you ask her?”

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“If you see a bouquet of dead flowers on the floor, what would do ?”

“WHy do you want to work here?”

“Your 3 best qualities, 3 qualities you would like to improve, what would you do if you saw someone walking through the center you didn't know, what would you do if you saw dead flowers on the floor?”

“What are three of your strong points? not strengths... And, what would you do if you saw a vase of dead flowers at the entryway?”

“If you saw vase with dead flowers in the hallway. What would you do?”

“Not so much about what was asked, but what was not: What experience did I have and bring to the role? How would I manage certain routine situations, etc.”

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