Cloud Engineer Interview Questions

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“Most were simple discovery questions that were used to look at you and your troubleshooting process.”

“Why is C++ better for a programmer than Java. Explain one scenario where you will prefer C++ over java”

“Nagios throws error code 127, but the plugin exists and has the proper permissions to run.
When manually running the check command from command line, it runs properly. What would you do to…”

“Have you played Borderlands? Seriously. Most of my interview was about gaming. Again, it was a personality test.”

“How to set up networks for several locations, such as in VA, WA, and UT. Several questions of port numbers.”

“Interview was fairly ok. You must prepare well in basics even terms like TCP/IP window size and packet header. Must know Linux scripting, Active directory, LDAP, 'grep' command.”

“It was pretty much alright nothing out of ordinary and every question was sticking to the job description so if you go through that job description you will be good”

“How do you print in Javascript?”

“Difference between C++ and Java, REST Api and Soap, OS Concepts , explain different protocols - HTTP, UDP, TCP. how to resolve deadlocks. No Coding question.”

“Not overly difficult, but the recruiter asked about managing WAN links, which is where my skills fell short of their requirements (I think).”

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