Co Manager Interview Questions

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“This is not a 9-5 job. Can you work more than 40 hours a week?”

Co Manager at Kroger

Sep 9, 2014

“brush up on politics”

“Describe to me how you used diversity in your community to tailor your business to improve sales.”

Co Manager at Walmart

Apr 11, 2010

“as an assistant manager how have you adjusted to the new inventory management system and how have you prepared for phase 2 of this program.”

“What would you do if a customer tried to return a item that was not purchased at Giant Eagle, how would you handle the situation if the customer insisted on returning the item.”

“Why do you want to work for hobby lobby”

“What does someone think about you that is not true?”

“There were no difficult questions. I was talked at during the interview instead of being asked questions.”

“In a group setting do you normally take control of the group?”

“Can you tell me more about your non-retail experience?”

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