Co Manager Interview Questions

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“How hard is it for you to balance your personal life and work?”

“"How do you like micro-management?" That should've made me hang up right there. How do you feel about living where you work?”

“In your previous experience what was your job experience with loss prevention? Explain in detail what your specific duties were in your last job title. What are/were your company standards for...”

Co-Manager at Kroger

Sep 20, 2009

“How do you handle a customer that returns an item from another store?”

Co-Manager at Kroger

Sep 20, 2009

“Tell me what a weekness is of yours?”

“Give an example when I provided excellent customer service.”

“How am I as a merchant?”

“How do you grow sales?”

Co-Manager at Express

Feb 4, 2012

“Tell me about a time when you developed someone on your team to a higher position, and what it was you recognized in them to make you do so.”

“How do you plan to grow your business by 10%”

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