Co Op Student Interview Questions

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“Explain a time where you had to work collaboratly on a project with a team. What was the outcome and how did you manage it?”

“Why were you not pre-selected for an interview?”

“"Describe a situation where the result of your actions turned out better than what you expected."”

“Describe a project you worked on in a previous position”

“What is an example of a challenge you faced during X leadership position and how did you handle it?”

“Give an example of how you used your engineering thought process to solve a problem you didnt know how to solve right away?”

“Say you're given a project with a strict deadline and you need to perform quality control on it. Would you check part of it and hand it in on time or would you thoroughly go through it before…”

“Cannot recall, I just remember going over my work and schooling history”

“So why would you want to work in a corn processing job after working at [a major pharmaceutical company] which is very different?”

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