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“How would you handle a franchisee who did not want to follow an idea or suggestion you created?”

Coach at DISH

Aug 18, 2013

“Tell me about a time you had a problem and your supervisor was not available.”

“How do you take a bottom performing team and turn them into a high performing team?”

Coach at T-Mobile

Jul 21, 2010

“What makes T-Mobile the best place to work/perform”

Coach at T-Mobile

Jul 21, 2010

“Tell me about a time when you had to show concern for a customers/employees issue?”

“The interview questions were easy. The difficult part was going to so many interviews for a job paying $35K. The disorganization, interview requests, delayed interviews, and no one being able to tell…”

“The expected or not expected necessity to deal with important matters and leaving extraneous matters behind.”

“How do you handle stressful situations?”

“Please describe Prochaska's Trans-theoretical model and how you have used it, or would use it when talking to a member/client.”

“How do you plan to be trained?”

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