Code Interview Questions

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“Why do you want to use an MVVM or MVC framework?”

“Unexpected: if there were 24 bottles on the table and 23 of them went off, then will it be odd or even?”

“Role-play can be a bit tricky because its the end of the interview and you think you have done great so your guard is ready for anything!”

“Are you familiar with Design Patterns? What is the Strategy pattern? What is a Singleton?”

“No unexpected questions. Normally they ask one on hardest problem faced, one on tree search and the one I got was on bit representation of integers, floats etc”

“Paper folding coding test in any language, fold a paper with N sections either right or left
Juggling balls coding test in any language, given pattern (5,3,1) determine if juggle able.”

“I don't want to disclose it: now I am on the interview cohort (see below) and ask these questions myself :). But think of a moderately complex algorithmic problem that you need to code on a…”

“I was asked to write a JS function on a whiteboard. It was an easy question, but coding on a whiteboard while someone is watching you is really awkward.”

“The most difficult questions that they asked me were based on coding and wanted to know the Java and SQL syntax for coding”

“How will you implement Yelp's feature to give top restraunts at a given location.”

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