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“How would you write a sort routine to ensure that identical elements in the input are maximally spread in the output?”

“Given array of integers, find the first pair add up to 10. Analize your solution.”

“You are given a dictionary, such as /usr/share/dict/words, containing a list of words, one per line. You are also given seven tiles. Each tile is either blank or contains a single lowercase letter...”

“How would you count the number of words in a string consisting of uneven number of spaces between words( not dictionary words)? With and without library functions.”

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“Give me 5 different ways of finding the median (middle element) of a linked list. For the sake of simplicity, assume the list has odd number of ints. Also mention the runtime for each. Follow up...”

“How does a garbage collection system work? How will you prevent an object from being garbage collected? Write N-ary tree traversal code to search a node given a String key. How many JVM...”

“implement sort(int a, int b, int c) in Java w/o using any Collections methods”

“Given array of integers representing historic stock prices. Find the buying and selling points to maximize the profit. (original: You can hold the stock for only 30 days maximum.)”

“Write strcpy (string copy). What test cases would you have? Write strrev (string reverse) in place. (temp char is fine)”

“Find a min and max in an array of integers.”

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