Commercial Account Executive Interview Questions

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“Could I make the transition from working for a "broker" like Willis when I had been employed by large agencies in the past?”

“Nothing stood out as particularly difficult other than questions like "describe your biggest failure in a sales cycle" (that we, as salespeople and candidates, are conditioned to not want to really…”

“The interview was conducted by a panel of 3 Sales Managers in their Piscataway office.
This was the most unprofessional interview i have ever been a part of, the managers were arrogant, rude, used…”

“I was asked to review each of their requirements and answer how I qualified. This was done by email.”

“Be prepared to do a full-on role-play of a Needs Analysis meeting with a customer.”

“Really can't think of one. Pretty generic interview stuff.”

“The most difficult question is if you can make 40 cold calls a day and generate all of your own leads. That's a pretty depressing prospect and only the most desperate people usually answer yes.”

“Nothing difficult but maybe a bar isn't the right forum for difficult interview questions.”

“Asking specific questions about how to sell”

“There were no surprises or traps in my experience.”

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