Commercial Banking Interview Questions

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“Without having a company's financial statements, what is something you should know in order to evaluate whether or not they should receive a loan.”

“If you could look at one financial statement to give a loan, which would it be?”

“What do you like about Wells Fargo?”

“What ratios from the financial statements would you look at when deciding to lend to a company?”

“What makes you superior to the other candidates?”

“Three financial statements.”

“What single financial statement would you choose to value a company and why?”

“What are your previous aspirations?”

“"So you did a project on financing wind farms in Argentina. If one of our clients wants to take his renewable energy firm to Argentina, what kind of questions would you ask about the firm? What…”

“"I see you've taught English in Korea. If one of our clients wants to expand to Korea, what can you tell them about the labor laws there?"”

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