Commercial Equipment Rental interview questions

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“How much do you know about air cranes?”

“Why were you terminated in your last job.”

“The business was located inside of an old gasoline station. There was disorder and cramped quarters everywhere. Hiring manager used the term "we run around here with our hair on fire".”

“You have a doctorate so it tells us that you like challenges, is that why you are moving from your current position? We are not sure that the role we have to offer can keep you interested for long.”

“Why should the company hire someone that has no rental experience?”

“Why did you leave your previous employer?”

“Would you be able to handle working for a small company in a job that you are over qualified for after working for a large corporation?”

“Asked about my thoughts about a union position.”

“What is your worst fault?”

“Even though you have the experience, you don't know the company's computer system as the internal candidate does, but he has no experience. Do you think you can do the job since you don't know the…”

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