Commercial Equipment Rental interview questions

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“Even though you have the experience, you don't know the company's computer system as the internal candidate does, but he has no experience. Do you think you can do the job since you don't know the...”

“Would you work for us?”

“They did ask oranges or apples...and I'm still not sure why. I asked later and they said just to throw you off.”

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“Have you ever work with liens & bonds?”

“If you were at a critical point where a superior needed to make a decision "right now" but no supervisor or manager was available to guide you, how would you proceed?”

“If a much-required delivery from the NW part of the country heading to GA was delayed due to snow conditions, how would I react with multiple people surrounding me and yelling about how this would...”

“How would I overcome objections on a job site with the customer directly in front of me.”

“How would you mitigate risk in countries in Latin America? How does your former employer do it?”

“The usual "why did you leave employer X? and Y", and you can never be truthful when answering this...This particular "manager" seemed to really dislike his job, and spent a LOT of time saying how he...”

“Why do you want to work for a water cooler company?”

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