Commercial Real Estate Broker Interview Questions

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“After the presentation, I went in for a second interview and noticed a discrepancy in the material presented. The commission split was not as he had presented at the first interview. Perhaps this...”

“How do you expect to handle the pressure of making a lot of cold calls if you don't have much experience at it?”

“How are you going to be able to pay for your living expenses for the next year or so?”

“Why commercial real estate”

“"Why did you leave your latest job or position with xyz company?" "Describe a conflict or difficult relationship you had with a co-worker or superior and how you handled it. What would you do...”

“Are you able to financially support yourself for 9-14 months?”

“None. Was a casual conversation to make sure you are interested in real estate and that you are okay working on commission only.”

“No technical questions, very straight forward.”

“Why would I choose to work with someone as young as yourself, when I can work with someone who has been in the business 20 years and has sold several buildings already?”

“How do you feel about cold-calling. Be prepared to do a mock call on the spot!”

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