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“Why do you think you would be a great candidate for Bloomingdales?”

“Typical interview questions-- No surprises. Though I felt the information imparted about the expectations of the job was highly lacking. After working there for 3 months, I know why. NO ONE WOULD…”

“Not really any difficult questions, mostly behavioral customer service questions such as, name a time when you handled a difficult customer and how did you resolve the issue..”

“Why do you want to work for us. I always feel its a question where they want you to lie but If your just upfront and honest and don't give a generic answer you'll get a better response... or at least…”

“with my sales experience name a time i messed up with a customer and how did i make it right and what lesson i learn from it”

“None, it was really easy. They genuinely want you because it is no loss for them to hire you (sorry if it seems shallow). If you don't make sales, you'll get the minimum $8.50 but you'll just get…”

“How would you help a customer who said, "I'm just looking."”

“Please explain a time when you gave exceptional customer service.”

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