Communication Interview Questions

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“First interview with ADON very positive, very informative”

“How do you respond to negativity in a professional environment?”

“What is the marketing strategy of your former company?”

“Less a question and more the scenarios. Expect to be given numerous sample scenarios you must act out effectively. These scenarios will involve a customer with a specific computing need (e.g. "I need…”

“How do you handle mitigation of issues among stakeholders”

“Patient bodily fluid/blood specimen is received without legible identification; what do you do next?”

“The questions were not difficult if you made sure to review the role that you were being placed in.”

“I don't have enough time to write them all, nor would anyone have the time to read them. Two full days of interviewing me with questions about technical areas not on my resume, and that I said I…”

“How would you handle a someone known to have an aggressive behavior in the work environment?”

“Describe your strengths and weaknesses.”

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