Communications Assistant Interview Questions

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“Listening to their graphic design goals.”

“What makes you stand out from the competition?”

“Probably when I was asked about my biggest failure thus far.”

“I really wasn't asked anything out of the norm. I was asked the standard: 'what sets you apart from our other candidates?'.”

“What do you do at your current job that can translate over to this job?”

“The most difficult part of the interview, as stated, is the dictation test, where they will have you listen to an audio recording and verbally dictate what you hear to a program on the computer that…”

“Only difficult question : Give me a time you dealt with a difficult co-worker and what you did to resolve the problem. (Something like that and my response was pretty lame but she didn't care)”

“The Society Marketing Exercises

Brochure Feedback

Please review the following brochure and give your comments on making improvements. This is currently an 8 ½ x 11 Full Color brochure…”

“How have I dealt with stress?”

“You get rejected in this position 90-95% of the time. How well do you handle rejection?”

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