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“Do you think you would be satisfied doing this type of work?”

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“The interview with the so-called CMO began awkwardly and without any pleasantries, its was almost as if he didn't want to do it. When I asked simple questions about their technology plans, his...”

“How would you increase the interest on economical reforms in the Government of (I do not remember the name of the country, but it was one from Africa)?”

“Hiring Manager. Excellent interviewer. Problem, Solution, Results”

“"Can you explain what the job is?"”

“What can you see yourself adding to the company in spite of your weakness”

“How have you utilized your relationship with agencies/vendors to achieve company goals?”

“They asked me about my experience writing for human resources and I had no experience, thinking the job was all around communications.”

“There were no unexpected questons.”

“Probably when I was asked about my biggest failure thus far.”

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