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Jul 23, 2014

Interview Question for Communications & Development Coordinator at NESEA:

“Probably the most important question came from the extended response second tier. If memory serves, it was: "Five years in the future, you're walking down the street and you run into a very good…”

Jul 22, 2014

Interview Question for Consultant, Strategic Communications at Booz Allen Hamilton:

“It was about project experience: name a time that the scope of the project completely changed and how you handled it (one question that comes to mind - admittedly, I don't remember the rest of those…”

Jul 20, 2014

Interview Question for Strategic Communication Analyst at Booz Allen Hamilton:

“Explain a situation where you created and implemented a strategic communication plan.”

Jul 17, 2014

Interview Question for Frontier Communications at Frontier Communications:

“What do you know about Frontier”

Jul 17, 2014

Interview Question for Corporate Communications at Celgene:

“"Tell me a story"”

Jul 16, 2014

Interview Question for Event Communication Assistant at Baltimore Events:

“Describe yourself in one word, no hyphenated words or any of "that nonsense."”

Jul 15, 2014

Interview Question for Communications Specialist at Creative Computing Solutions:

“Nothing too difficult but was picking my brain on how to go about the work I would be doing and if Ive implemented principles like it in the past.”

Jul 12, 2014

Interview Question for Environmental Communications Specialist at Eastern Research Group, Inc.:

“What do you know about ERG and what we do at this Office?”

Jul 11, 2014

Interview Question for Communications and Public Relations Coordinator at Decatur Utilities:

“Not sure why it was unexpected or difficult but I struggled with finding an adequate answer to how I would go about learning the business itself if I secured the position.”

Jul 10, 2014

Interview Question for Director of Communications, Content at Green America:

“How do we dumb down our content for the public [on social media]?”