Communications Specialist Interview Questions

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“I wasn't asked any structured questions beyond tell me about your experience.”

“Why weren't you recruited right out of college?”

“What version of PowerPoint do you use?”

“Tell me about yourself. I can't really remember any other specific questions as it was very conversational, it flowed naturally.”

“I did not give the right answers, VP told me he was giving me "behavioral questions", and he said they were looking for "out of the box employees". He kept distracting me with his Jeff Goldblum...”

“Share your thoughts on collaborating to build an effective communications plan.”

“Why will you be successful in this position? And what other efforts have you implemented in other positions that would make you successful in this position?”

“I was asked to sign a declaration stating that I would not expect reimbursement for VOLUNTEERING from 8AM - 6:30PM”

“What would you do in the first few months to be as effective as possible?”

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