Communications Specialist Interview Questions

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“can you translate acronym-laced technical-speak into plain langugage?”

“All ver standard canned questions, Focus on innovation and what new ideas would I bring to table”

“All three questions were unexpected, but asking me about my SEO strategy was the most "out there."”

“How would you interact with the team during a crisis situation?”

“None, really. Except one dude didn't really ask any questions about me, just talked about himself.”

“I stumped the interviewer with "What skills do you think I dont have now and would need for this position?"”

“Nothing too difficult but was picking my brain on how to go about the work I would be doing and if Ive implemented principles like it in the past.”

“How would you handle a senior manager who insists on everything his way--even though he doesn't have your expertise and experience-- says "no" and squashes everything you suggest, and makes you feel…”

“Most questions were about past experience & skills. There were no behavioral questions.”

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