Community Associate Interview Questions

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“What are 5 things you do when you get to work?”

“What do you do when you continue to exceed expectations and your client's expectation rises and you ultimately you are unable to exceed them any longer?”

“Tell me about your community preferences?”

“In the second interview there was a question regarding my religious practice. In the third interview the market CEO wanted to know my birth order.”

“Tell us about a time where you knew you would not have enough time to finish your work and how you handled it.”

“What are three things you don't like?”

“The Human Resources Department was very difficult to work with and it took 5 months to become a full time employee from a contact employee. They always asked how I was qualified for such a high...”

“What would you do to help the organization meet its fundraising goals?”

“Why would you be the best candidate for this position?”

“What is your understanding of what Think Passenger does?”

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