Community Leader Interview Questions

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“Difference between selling an independent community over an assisted living community. Also was asked questions about sales techniques and closing strategies.”

“When a closing statement was made by a prospect what would i say next?”

“Same ole garbage; typical BS questions.”

“After being in operations for such a long time, what challenges do you foresee having, and how will you tackle that challenge if any in this position of being a sales leader or sales manager so to...”

“How comfortable are you with working with this generation?”

“Second interview was with a newly hired RSL who I adored. She was professional, intelligent and quized me about how long I thought I would stay with Holiday. What a misfortune she was forced to...”

“They asked me how I would sell this place to a fellow sales person or contact.”

“What is the most rewarding aspect of the sales process?”

“Why do you want to work for holiday retirement.”

“Phone interview question: What are your weaknesses?”

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